How Windy Is It . . . ? Tuesday, 30th August 2016 – No.194

How windy is it …
The market craves certainty, as do many investors.  When certainty is in short supply, then assurances are the next best thing and at the gathering of the world’s central banking elite that is what the market (and investors) were looking for.
Every year, there is an economic and banking symposium at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  This has remained […]

Beaufort Investment Management appoints Stewart Murray joint CIO

Beaufort Investment Management (BIM), the DFM that is a member of the Beaufort Group of Companies and has over £550m under management, has appointed Stewart Murray as Joint Chief Investment Officer.
Stewart joins from Rowan Dartington where he was Head of Equities. He has held a number of senior positions in the fund management world.
Commenting on this appointment, Chief Investment Officer, […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 22nd August 2016 – No.193

So far, so good
As the curtain draws on the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio there are some valuable lessons that can be drawn from athletes which would undoubtedly fare investors well in the long term. With focus, determination and perseverance comes significant rewards. This was most definitely demonstrated through Team GB’s performance in Rio, having defied the laws of Olympic […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 15th August 2016 – No.192

How windy is it …
My bucket list included flying a glider. At the core it is quite a simple process, pull the nose up and the glider decelerates push the nose down and it speeds up. By and large the same can be said of monetary policy. Lower interest rates are stimulative and encourage us to spend more and save […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 8th August 2016 – No.191

It came as little surprise that The Bank of England reduced interest rates to 0.25% last week, the lowest interest rate level in history. The move orchestrated by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England was designed to prevent a post-Brexit recession. Carney made it clear that he expects banks and building societies to pass the rate cut on […]

Beaufort Investment PRETTI Process

Shane Balkham, Head of Portfolio Research and Construction at Beaufort Investment, takes a few moments to explain our unique fund research and selection process, named ‘PRETTI’.  The process covers the criteria we consider to be most important in understanding and selecting a fund. […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 1st August 2016 – No.190

Given the Federal Reserve’s inability to follow through with planned rate hikes over the last twelve months, last week’s more hawkish* statement failed to change market expectations for little further policy action this year.  A case of crying wolf too many times?  Credibility of central banks has become a new phenomenon as the effects of quantitative easing and low interest […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Tuesday, 26th July 2016 – No.189

How Windy Was it last week?
Since the Global Financial Crisis dissipated in March 2009 (and morphed into Financial and Sovereign crises along the way), the compliance sector saw a profound rise in job demand.  2016 looks to have ushered a new set of in demand careers: news reporters, political analysts and lawyers.  Such is the nature of world events this […]

Property Remains an Attractive Asset

Since the EU Referendum on the 23rd June, investors have turned their backs on domestic businesses and sought the shelter of international companies that will benefit from a weaker pound. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the commercial property market has found itself on the wrong side of this growing divide – think about it, there’s nothing more domestic than a local shopping centre […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 18th July 2016 – No.188

How windy was it last week?
It was extremely windy last week, with gusts coming from every direction.
We had the barbaric and tragic events in Nice, as signs have emerged that the truck driver who killed 84 people may have been radicalised shortly before committing the attack.  It has also come to light that two possible attacks were prevented during the […]