The World In A Week – The reign in Spain

Politics, it would seem, does not like being out of the spotlight.  On a quieter week for Brexit and Trump, the vacuum was filled by the eager Europeans.  In echoes of last year’s Italian election, where the scars of the Eurozone crisis from a decade ago are still inflamed, the tension of populist politics spread to Spain, where they held […]

The World In A Week – Taking matters in to your own hands…

In what was a short week, owing to the bank holiday weekend, Brexit news was light; cross-party talks between Conservatives and Labour continue to progress, reducing angst over a Brexit deadlock. There was a variety of data releases last week from the UK and the Eurozone; the UK continued to show a 44-year low in unemployment in February while wages […]

The World In A Week – UK to regulate internet

The UK government may be in swivel eyed bewilderment regarding Brexit, but last week proved it has not completely lost the plot. Last Monday it announced ambitious plans for the UK to be the global leader of internet regulation.

The publication, titled ‘Online Harms White Paper’, outlines how the government proposes to effect online regulation. The legislation is primarily directed at […]

The World In A Week – Synchronised Slowdown

Markets had a positive week with Global Equities as measured by MSCI ACWI, returning +2.26%. Europe Ex-UK Equities outpaced US Equities +2.65% vs +2.22%, slightly reversing the trend that has prevailed since the financial crisis. UK Equities, as measured by the FTSE All Share returned +2.65% and Emerging Markets as measured by MSCI EM advanced by +2.73%. Each of the […]

Emma Clarke PAM Top 40 Under 40

Emma Clarke, our Head of Fund Research has been selected by PAM Insight, the leading wealth management information service as one of  its top 40 under 40 investment professionals for 2019. Emma is only one of four women to have been selected twice. Now in its 10th year, the 2018 PAM Top 40 under 40 initiatives recognises, introduces and promotes the […]

The World In A Week – Please sir, can we have some more

Time?  The latest Twist in the Brexit tale saw control being given to the members of parliament who embarked upon a series of eight indicative votes on what form Brexit should take.  It came as no surprise that all were rejected.  There is no apparent appetite for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, but the lack of an actual deal means we cannot […]

The World In A Week – Interminable tedium

The title ‘World in a Week’ is a clear reference to Brexit. Last week, Prime Minister May, on her third attempt to push through a deal, failed, again. This time, on a technicality brought by speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, who actioned a ruling from 1604, which prevented government from bringing back the Withdrawal Agreement for a […]

The World In A Week – US budget: A Curious Direction

Last Monday, the US government released its budget proposal for 2020, entitled ‘A budget for a better America’. It highlights the key priorities for the executive but, just like any budgetary plan, there are winners and losers and it’s clear in this case who those two groups are: Defence is the clear winner and the Medicare and Medicaid health programmes […]

The World In A Week – Groundhog Day. Again.

It was another week that Phil Connors would have been familiar with, being the reluctant hero portrayed by Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and ironically the title of our Monday update five weeks ago.

We all recognise the merry-go-round of geopolitical risks that currently dog the markets and last week we got another episode of kicking the can down the road.  […]

The World in A Week – Silence is Golden

You wouldn’t be mistaken if you heard tumbleweed last week, with little news of note; even the Trump twitter feed was silent, leading in to what was an incredibly quiet week. It was President’s Day on Monday which meant US equity and bond markets were closed. The FOMC meeting took place mid-week with members of the committee split on further […]