Meet the Team

  • Simon Goldthorpe Board

    Executive Chairman
    Simon was a founder shareholder of Beaufort Group in 2012, and as Chairman, he is involved in setting the strategic direction of the group and its associated businesses as they focus on significant growth and expansion.

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  • Andrew Bennett Board

    Group Chief Executive Officer
    Andrew has worked in the financial services industry for 35 years. After building a successful financial planning business with Shane Balkham, our Chief Investment Officer, he co-founded the Beaufort Group alongside Simon Goldthorpe, our Chairman.

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  • Clive Goldthorpe Board

    Group Chief Operating Officer
    Clive was a founder of the Beaufort Group in 2012. As Chief Operating Officer, he oversees the delivery of business-critical projects to improve the overall operational efficiency of the business as well as the firm’s overall compliance strategy.

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  • Jacqui Jardine Board

    Group Chief Financial Officer
    Jacqui joined The Beaufort Group prior to the formation of the business and became Chief Financial Officer in 2012. Her current role includes responsibility for the Group’s financial position and management of the accounting and financial control functions.

  • Derrick Dunne Board

    CEO of Beaufort Financial & Beaufort Investment
    Derrick joined Beaufort in 2018 and is the Chief Executive of Beaufort Financial and Beaufort Investment. He has overall responsibility for the direction and strategy of the businesses.

  • Stephen Watson Board

    Non Executive Director
    Stephen’s entire 40 year career has been spent in the financial services and investment industry. 

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  • Paul Grainger Board

    Non-Executive Director
    Paul joined the Beaufort Group board as Non-Executive Director in 2018. He brings over 30 years’ experience as a company director, a Governance, Risk and Compliance specialist and as a specialist in the financial planning and wealth management sector.

  • Shane Balkham Senior Management Team

    Chief Investment Officer
    Shane joined the Beaufort Group at its inception in 2012 and is Chief Investment Officer for Beaufort Investment. He is responsible for communicating our investment strategy message to clients, both internal and external, as well as overall responsibility for the investment team.

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  • Rod Stewart Senior Management Team

    Head of Proposition & Partnerships
    Rod joined Beaufort Group in 2019. Rod will focus on building and delivering an improved proposition for the business, developing new quality standards for the advisers through his position as a central conduit between the IFAs in the business, the board and the operational team, to drive forward significant adviser growth over the coming years.

  • Kerry Pocklington Senior Management Team

    Head of Operations
    Kerry joined Beaufort Group in 2017. As Head of Operations, she leads a team working to operationalise the business strategy and deliver projects which improve firm-wide processes to facilitate growth plans.

  • Steven Poulton Senior Management Team

    Head of Risk & Compliance
    Steven joined Beaufort’s compliance team in 2013 and became the Head of Risk & Compliance in 2015. Steven’s primary responsibilities are to build a team which can ensure that Beaufort complies with the rules set out by its regulators and to manage the business’ risks to ensure it can continue to provide services to its clients for many years to come.

  • Niall Humphreys Senior Management Team

    Head of Advice
    Niall joined the Compliance team in Beaufort in 2016. As the Head of Advice, he is responsible for oversight and development of the advice process to ensure it both meets clients’ needs and regulatory expectations.

  • Emma Clarke The Team

    Head of Fund Research
    Emma joined Beaufort Investment in 2016 as Senior Investment Analyst and was promoted to Head of Fund Research in January 2019. She is responsible for researching funds for inclusion in the model portfolio ranges, portfolio construction and managing the investment team.

  • Tony Hicks Senior Management Team

    Group Head of Sales
    Tony joined the Beaufort Group in 2017 as Group Head of Sales. He is responsible for the promotion and sales for Beaufort Financial and Beaufort Investment, working to grow the IFA Partnership and widen the distribution of the Investment Model Portfolio Service.

  • Michael Cox The Team

    Professional Standards Manager
    Michael joined Beaufort in 2017 as the Professional Standards Manager responsible for the training and development of the Financial Advisers within the group.

  • Anthony Bass The Team

    Quality Control Manager
    Anthony joined Beaufort in 2014 and currently leads the Quality Control (QC) team. The QC team review all financial advice given by advisers to ensure that it meets requirements of suitability and Beaufort’s professional standards.

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  • Dave Allen The Team

    Integration Specialist
    Dave Allen joined the Beaufort Group in 2014 as an Integration Specialist. Working closely with advisers, principals and managers, Dave brings best practice technology to financial planning and administrative processes.

  • Fiona Voice The Team

    Group HR Manager
    Fiona joined the Beaufort Group in 2018 as Group HR Manager. She is responsible for the overall provision of HR services, from strategic thinking, planning and change management, through to policy development and talent programmes.

  • Anton Boshoff The Team

    Quality Control Specialist
    Anton joined Beaufort Group in 2016 as a Quality Control Specialist. His primary areas of responsibility are to assist in the delivery of the firm’s sizeable pre-approval process, which involves in-depth reviews of all written financial advice given by the advisers to their clients to ensure standards of quality, consistency and excellence are adhered to.

  • Janine Quinn The Team

    Training and Development Supervisor 
    Janine joined Beaufort in February 2019 as the Training & Development Supervisor. Her main role is to oversee, support and manage all Financial Advisers’ training and competency evaluations and checks.

  • Ryan Kell The Team

    Operations Assistant Manager and Platform Relations
    Ryan joined the business in 2013 and started as an administrative assistant for Beaufort Investment. In 2018 he broadened his remit and took on the role of Assistant Manager of the Group’s operations department. He is now responsible for implementation of all model portfolio changes and updates.

  • Dave Robinson The Team

    Quality Control Specialist
    Dave joined the Beaufort Group in 2018 as a Quality Control Specialist. He is responsible for reviewing the quality of advice provided, by the advisers in our network to the clients, to ensure that it is precise, suitable and meets their needs.

  • Paul Freedman The Team

    Investment Analyst
    Paul is an Investment Analyst for Beaufort Investment and he joined the team in 2018. He is responsible for analysing, selecting and recommending the most suitable investments for the Beaufort fund ranges. With 15 years’ Investment Management experience and most of it specific to multi-asset strategies he brings to Beaufort Investment a knowledgeable and valuable background.

  • Cormac Nevin The Team

    Investment Analyst
    Cormac joined Beaufort Investment as an Investment Analyst in 2018 and his research remit covers Fixed Income, European and Emerging Market Equity research.

  • Anastasia Bugrova The Team

    Anastasia joined the Beaufort Group in June 2019 as a Paraplanner. She oversees the Beaufort Group paraplanning function whilst actively producing financial planning reports and research.

  • Samantha Davids The Team

    Project Consultant
    Sam has worked in financial services since 2008. Sam previously worked as office manager for Beaufort Financial Reading where she worked closely with advisers and staff.

  • Olga Henschke-Manek The Team

    Operations Support Specialist
    Olga joined the Beaufort Group in 2017 to work in the operations team. As Operations Support Specialist she focuses on building and implementing operational processes to support the overall strategic growth ambitions of the business.

  • Laura Wilson The Team

    Trainee Paraplanner
    Laura has worked in the Financial Services since 2012 as a debt recovery adviser for Santander Consumer Finance and PSA Finance. Laura's role at Beaufort is to assist in the production of financial plans and reports for adviser clients and production of suitability reports.

  • Kate Johnson The Team

    Agency Novation Assistant
    Kate joined the Beaufort Group in 2019 as an Agency Novation Assistant. Within the Partner Services Team, Kate’s responsibilities include assisting with ‘onboarding’ of advisers, providing adviser services and obtaining performance information. 

  • Georgia Upfold The Team

    Operations Administrative Assistant
    Georgia joined Beaufort in 2018 as an Operations Administrative Assistant. She is responsible for managing client and adviser enquiries, the management and processing of client data, producing weekly and monthly reports for senior management and supporting the operations team to report on the performance of the investment portfolios.

  • Conor Cassidy The Team

    Trainee Operations Specialist
    Conor Joined Beaufort in October 2017, he works in the operations team as a trainee operations specialist where he is responsible for a wide range of activities including the productions of Beaufort Standardised Portfolios (BSPs) to help oversee the implementation of changes to the models and the rebalances.

  • Sharon Brennan The Team

    Senior Operations Specialist
    Sharon joined Beaufort Group as a Senior Operations Specialist in 2018. She is involved in most areas of the operational side of the business to ensure a seamless, smooth and a professional service is provided to both our clients and the advisers in our network.

  • James Monk The Team

    Operations Administrative Assistant
    James Joined Beaufort Group in 2018 as Operations Assistant. He is responsible for dealing with incoming calls, maintaining the company database as well as collecting relevant financial data for daily, monthly and quarterly reports.

  • Danielle Coyle The Team

    Marketing Administrator
    Danielle joined Beaufort Group in December 2016 as Marketing Administrator. She works closely with the Head of Marketing to drive the brand building activity for Beaufort Group. As part of her remit, she also works with agencies and a team of content creators to support the marketing effort.

  • Wendy Belton The Team

    Marketing Administrator 
    Wendy joined the Beaufort group in 2019 as Marketing Administrator and works closely with the Head of Marketing to drive the marketing and brand building activity for Beaufort Group.