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Beaufort Analysis No. 280 – Markets rise despite slowing economy

Mentioned in last week’s Beaufort Analysis, oil remains in the headlines with the price of Brent crude reaching $80 a barrel last Thursday. This is due to the continuing concerns that Iranian exports could fall because of renewed US sanctions, reducing supply in an already tightening market. Donald Trump’s decision this month to withdraw from an international nuclear deal with […]

Beaufort Analysis 279 – Drilling for Oil

Last week the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of England voted to keep the base rate at 0.5%. This is due to weaker economic data for the UK, and February’s growth forecast of 1.8%, which was subsequently downgraded to 1.4%. Mark Carney is increasingly referred to as the unreliable boyfriend, not being able to keep his promises of […]

Beaufort Analysis 278 – Indian Summer

Just over a week ago we experienced low temperatures and monsoon-like weather; fast-forward and the UK experienced the hottest May Bank Holiday on record, with temperatures soaring close to 30C. An Indian Summer is a period of unseasonably warm weather and a reference we feel appropriate to apply to the warming relations between North and South Korea.

Last week, we wrote […]

Beaufort Analysis 277 – The art of the deal

How times change.  Six months ago, you may have expected our weekly missive to be focused around Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, as the two leaders jousted and postured in what seemed an unlikely series of threats.  Since then, we have moved away from mutually assured destruction to something that seemed as equally far removed from the probable: the […]

Beaufort Analysis 276 – It’s all in the numbers

Markets were resilient last week despite a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians over the weekend prior. The co-ordinated efforts of the US, the UK and France, who jointly targeted Syria, in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians had little impact on global equity markets with the majority closing in positive territory.
There was a myriad of […]

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