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Beaufort Analysis 276 – It’s all in the numbers

Markets were resilient last week despite a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians over the weekend prior. The co-ordinated efforts of the US, the UK and France, who jointly targeted Syria, in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians had little impact on global equity markets with the majority closing in positive territory.
There was a myriad of […]

Communicating the benefits of advice: Why there’s still more to do

In my experience, most advisers and planners communicate, and demonstrate, the value of advice very effectively in their one-to-one client interactions.

Furthermore, we all know that high-quality financial planning adds far more value to the client than the fees they pay. Indeed, there are times, particularly as people move from the world of work to one of retirement, when financial planning […]

Finding the right fit; looking for the right DFM

Discretionary fund managers (DFMs) now play an important part in advice firms’ propositions. Click here to read the New Model Adviser Outsourcing Roundtable supplement, in association with Beaufort Investment. […]

Beaufort Analysis 275 – Tension Ascension

Geopolitical developments took a potential turn for the worse at the end of the week as tensions heightened between the US and Russia in the wake of the US-led missile strikes on Syria and the latest round of US sanctions. President Trump had warned the Assad regime and its allies earlier in the week that they would pay a ‘big […]

Beaufort Analysis 274 – “Seeing The Wood For The Trees”

The S&P 500 took a small hit at the end of last week, following China’s refusal to negotiate with the US to try to ease trade tensions. There are currently 1,500 items on a list that could be affected by the tariffs, including soybeans and cars. Soybeans are particularly important to worldwide agriculture, as they are crushed and used as […]

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