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The World In A Week – A Sisyphean Task

Welcome to the new title of our weekly publication – ‘The World In A Week’. This replaces our previous ‘Windy’ title as it better describes what we are researching and publishing. The content will remain the same and this week we are focusing on ‘A Sisyphean Task’

King Sisyphus as punishment for believing himself smarter than Zeus was forced to roll […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 314 – Groundhog Day

While it’s not quite Groundhog Day yet, it certainly feels like it. Last Monday supposedly marked the most depressing day of the year, when quite coincidentally, Brexit was very much the subject du jour. While there was little to speak of following May’s address to the House of Commons, whilst she ruled out a second referendum she is very much […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 313 – Are the banks in good health?

Last week the biggest US banks reported solid fourth quarter earnings with most improving on the third quarter and beating analysts’ expectations too.

This resulted in both Goldman Sachs and Bank of America’s shares jumping by 9% and 7% respectively on Wednesday. Citigroup’s shares climbed 4% on Monday, Morgan Stanley increased 1% on Thursday and JP Morgan’s stock rose slightly as […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 312 – Charging into the New Year

After a tumultuous December, investors started 2019 cautiously. Global economic data pointed to a slowdown amid tighter financial conditions in the US. After the new year’s first full week of trading, markets appeared to have regained some of their vigour. Firstly, the MSCI All Country World Index went on a run of positive performance, cumulating in a +7.8% return in […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 311 – Which Direction?

When markets closed for the year last Monday, most investors would have been pleased to see the back of 2018, well, the latter part of it anyway. In their worst performances since the financial crisis in 2008, the FTSE 100 index fell 12.5%, the Dow Jones fell 5.6% and the S&P 500 was down 6.2%; and this is despite registering […]

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