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Beaufort Analysis No. 303 – Declarations of (Monetary) Independence

The world’s rate-setters are on manoeuvres. After a decade of unorthodox monetary policy involving rock-bottom policy rates, quantitative easing and, in the case of Japan, intervention in the stock market; central banks are looking to roll back these measures and begin shrinking their balance sheets. As a result of the measures employed to ward off another Great Depression, the role […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 302 – Time after Time

Last week, China reported its slowest rate of growth since the Financial Crisis 10 years ago. The rate of growth was still a healthy 6.5% but this was lower than the expected 6.6%. It is, however, still on track for the Chinese government’s target of 6.5% for the year. By comparison, the UK’s 2018 GDP target is 1.4% and the […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 301 – You can’t have your cake and eat it

Global markets have fallen over the last two weeks and given back much of the gains achieved this year. In the UK, both the FTSE 100 and 250 indices officially corrected by dropping more than 10% since their 52-week highs in May and June, respectively, falling in almost every trading session so far in October. The FTSE has now fallen […]

Beaufort Analysis 300 – Stranger things

October is traditionally the scariest month of the year, as evenings start to get darker and days colder, our thoughts turn to the winter that is inevitably coming.  The same can be said for the stock markets, as October has been historically one of the most volatile months of the year.  The theory suggests that after a lull during the […]

Beaufort Analysis No. 299 – Deal or No Deal

In the UK, consumer confidence fell due to fears of a Brexit ‘no deal’ and the outlook for personal finances weakened which could indicate a slowdown in consumer spending in the lead up to the Brexit deadline, now only six months away. If the UK and EU were unable to reach a withdrawal agreement, there would be no 21-month transition […]

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