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How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 27th June 2016 – No.185

How windy was it last week?
Not surprisingly, yet unexpectedly, last week was the windiest we have had since we started penning this weekly missive on the 10th September 2012 (Windy No. 001). The fallout from the EU referendum has been the biggest event in the past 198 weeks.
We are now facing a Donald Rumsfeld dichotomy; while serving as United States […]

Brexit Investment Update – “Keep Calm & Carry On Investing”

The result of yesterday’s referendum on whether the UK should stay within the EU led to a narrow victory for the Leave campaign. Whilst the polls had indicated that the voting would be close, there had seemed to be a growing consensus that the result would be to remain and this was effectively priced in to stock, bond and currency […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 20th June 2016 – No.184

How windy was it last week?
We all expected last week to hit fever pitch, with the last full week before the referendum campaigning machines of both parties hitting full steam. Tragically, no-one foresaw the devastating murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Birstall. Quite rightly, the campaigning was suspended for both parties, as the country became united in grief […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 13th June 2016 – No.183

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Last week investors decided that the glass was definitely half empty. Global markets were still digesting the weak May employment figures, a paltry 38,000 new jobs versus expectations of 160,000 seemingly postponing an expected June tightening by The US Federal Reserve. Fed Chair Janet Yellen seemed to support this stance in a speech […]

How Windy Is It . . . ? Monday, 6th June 2016 – No.182

Will they or won’t they?
One of the observed behavioural finance traits is that people place too much weight on the most recent piece of information rather than looking at longer term data and reviewing the latest piece in context of that longer term. Last week was dominated by a number of potential hurdles for markets to jump. Some passed without […]

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