Clive Goldthorpe

Group Chief Operating Officer

After completing a BSc in Economics & Finance from the University of Southampton, Clive joined a prominent firm of independent financial advisers managing the firm’s research department.

He subsequently took on the role of Independent Financial Adviser, until in 2010 he became a director with Beaufort Asset Management.

Clive initially was responsible for operations and compliance, until 2012, when he became Chief Operating Officer of the Beaufort Group.

He has also attained the highly valued Chartered Financial Planner status and is understood to be the second youngest person ever to be made a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

Away from the office, Clive likes keeping busy. A keen rugby and hockey player, plus the odd bit of cricket or golf.

He also enjoys playing his guitar and painting. Clive reasons that if he tries enough things, he may one day find something he is good at!

Occasionally he finds time to sleep.

Aside from helping to drive Beaufort Group’s growth, Clive’s bucket list includes getting over his fear of heights and obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence, having a book, play or sitcom published and trying his luck with amateur motor racing.

And, of course, getting more sleep.

0345 241 5347

Kingsgate, High Street, Redhill, RH1 1SH